TV Show Favs Premium v3.6.7

TV Show Favs Premium v3.6.7 2.2+ personal TV tracker!

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TV Show Favsr personal TV tracker! TV Show Favs allows keep track than 25,000 TV shows. 't remember which episode watched last when next episode er favorite TV shows airs? Let TV Show Favs help out!

TV Show Favs allows maintainlistr favorite TV shows, well tag any TV show episode whatever tag come up! Create robust lists help separate shows watch make easier trackm. Check outr schedule see which shows have upcoming episodes, see which shows had recent episodes might have missed. Mark which episodes have watched keep track episodes haven't. Use list see whatr progress each show, easily see which episodes need watch. Check outp favs amongusers TV Show Favs even filter date range, show status, classification genre! Use customizable home screen widget seer next episoder shows upcoming recent episodes atglance, even jump episode, show, mark episode watched right widget!

In app purchases available maker TV show tracking experience even awesome! Receiveifications upcoming episodes recent episodes, remove ads, addcialtegration post watched episodes r Facebook Twitter, Check-inr shows GetGlue, sync, unlock two bonus holographicmes!

* Maintainlistr favorite TV shows tag shows episodes keep trackm

* Personalized schedule help find out when new episodesr shows airing

* Personalized list keep trackr current progress each show

*fline access

* Viewp favs amongor TV Show Favs users

*line storage cross- synchronization piece mind

* Customizable home screen widget

*ifications upcoming/recent episodes (In-app purchase)

*cialtegration Facebook, Twitter GetGlue (In-app purchase)

* Trakt.tvtegration (In-app purchase)* 2 bonus holographicmes (In-app purchase)

What's New


- Bug fixes


- New premium feature! Calendar Sync allows selectcalendar r sync upcoming episodes automatically!E: Requiresroid 4.0+

- New permissions (Read Write Calendar) necessary Calendar Sync

- Easier time frame amount selectionp Favs

- Recent episodeswclude air description My Schedule

-celed Ended showsw filter properly

-w refresh shows via overflow menu



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