Memory Booster (Full Version) v5.9 build 54

Memory Booster (Full Version) v5.9 build 54 1.6 up Memory Booster -roid RAM Optimizer Speed Upr Smartphone!

Now Memory Booster fully supports honeycomb (android 3.x) tablets!

Memory Boosterpowerful mobile memory & RAM boostingol specially designedroid smartphone users. designed tackle difficult yet crucial problem memory managementAndroid s. Memory Booster reclaims lost memoryr programs defragmentingr smartphone's memory recovering memory leaks poorlyhaved applications.


* Real-time Memory Status Report & Monitor

Memory Booster provideslive chart demonstrater 'stal/free memory current memory usage.

* Settingr Performance Target

With Auto Boost Threshold set, Memory Booster keepsr memory higher than desired level, act immediatelymemory dropswn.

*e-click Quick Memory Boosting

Besides automatic memory boosting, Memory Booster also allows manually boostr memory Quick Boost.

* Auto-boosting Background

With Auto Boostterval, Memory Booster runs background automatically reclaims memoryrroid atterval.

*roid system crash protection

Memory Booster always watchesr system resources cleans up system memoryce reachescritical point.


Or featuresclude embedded Task Killer, Whitelist Manager, Boost Level Manager & Memory Boost Log, whichsist Memory Booster perform efficiently friendly.

What's New

- Fix 'RAM shown negative figure'sue

- Or minchanges

-- Add serviceformation Process list (clickprocess, see number serviceprocess have)

- Add root killing Task Killer (frooted sly)

- Add detailed sensinfo (show sensors supported s) Systemfo

- Add detailed memoryfo, CPUfo networkfo Systemfo

- Clickformation Systemfo, users



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