Pocket Girlfriend v1.38

Pocket Girlfriend v1.38

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aplicacionesandroids.blogspot.com:exotic, erotic, hot & sexy girl avatar voice recognitionr pocket.

⚠⚠ WARNING ⚠⚠ Pocket Girlfriend Rated 17+ justing damn hot.


Experience HOTTESTTERACTIVE ADULTSLY VIDEO GAME availableday.’s exotic, erotic, hot, & sexy virtual girl avatar voice recognitionr pocket.

NO STILL PHOTOS HERE. Unlike or applications thatlyferme random image gallery half naked Japanese anime girls bikinis, quasi porn platinum blond hentai bombshells pasties,assortment semi nude Megan Fox, Kim Kardashian, Jessica Alba wallpaper pics; Pocket Girlfriend moves, ’steractive, importantly’s real.

YES’S REAL! We use movie clipsactual live hottie; various outfits, poses, positions shot exclusivelyr entertainment.’s me 3D rendered manga mannequin.’snaughty cleaver talking virtual lover who’ll makegreat illusion prank teaser wife / girlfriend.

★★ KEY FEATURES ★★★★★★★★★★

❶ Talks ..... what say absolutely hilarious! Hundreds funnye liners that every guy loves hear,no sane girl would ever utter.

❝ I’ve decided buy myselfboob job, how big wantm? ❞

❝ Say, let’s gown mall check out women’sses. ❞

❝ Thatgreat fart, anore! ❞

❝ Bar food again kicks! ❞

❝eplaywaste time. ❞

❝ new girlficerealautystrippero! I’vevited her over dinner friday. ❞

❝ I liked that wedding even than ours,r ex-girlfriend class. ❞

❝we’re going have sex,n have let me watch football. ❞

❷’s Hot, Really Hot..... yes that’sfeature.☺

❸ Listens.....k her any question’ll respond. ’s smart try her veryst predict what’ll want hear.

❹’s Animated..... engages playfully shows hersets. Zoom any part herdifferent perspective.

❺’steractive.....’ll even miss when’re gone.’s accelerometer aw. Shake her.uch her.

❻ ’s Customizable..... Easily creater own phrases usingphisticated text speech technology. Just type out whatever want her say'll saylovely female voice.

Additionally, signse phrasese 5 categories;tro, Shake, uch, Talk, Favorites. haveme fun! Shockr friends using names people places thaty know.

★★ TIPS & TRICKS ★★★★★★★★★★

Ask her ❝ Whatr name? ❞

Ask her ❝ vegetarian? ❞

Ask her ❝ I go hooters? ❞

Ask her ❝ Am Iingchauvinist? ❞

EXTRA BONUS:you mentionr wife’s / girlfriend’s name’ll havefew special phrases justm.


And lame updatesMAJNEW FEATURES that continuously added.’ll grow change just likereal woman.

We're already hard at work next update Pocket Girlfriend, proud owner entitled each every update we provide free. future updates expect see new groundbreaking features that push limitsteractivity.


We encourage give usr feedbackfer usr suggestions. never know,er ideas could end up finding's wayto next update.

Write us Facebook. hubthings Pocket Girlfriend.


Oh please keep positive ratings coming we’ll continue keep adding exciting new free features Pocket Girlfriend.


RequiresWiFi connectionderwnload.

Make surer at least 100 mb space available.

Voice Recognition & Text Speech both requireInternet connectionder work.

What's New

Added three new girls;blond German bombshell,exotic Hawaiian, enchantingdian. outfits come future updates.



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