Maple Player Classic v1.9.7 + Unlocker

Maple Player Classic v1.9.7 + Unlocker 2.3.3 up Powerful MP3 Player Audiobooks supportroid.

Bookmarks, adjustable playback speed, A-B repeat, equalizer, scrobbling,.

Supported audiomats : mp3, ogg, wav (pcm)

-esn't support MP3swnloaded TubeMate. See Q&A.

**you've updatedr phone JellyBean (4.0 -> 4.1 4.1 -> 4.2):

Please uninstalln reinstall Maple. (because Jellybeannew system)

Key Features:

* Browse playr music folders, playlists, albums, artists, genres

* Variable speed (slow/fast playback)

Change playback speed (0.25x - 4.00x) same pitch

* Pitch Control

Change pitch -0.5 +0.5 octave (-6.00 +6.00 semitones)

* Bookmarks

* Auto playbacktory

(folder-based, album-based, artist-based, genre-based, playlist-based)

* Fast-forward/rewind

* Sleep timer

* Visualizer

* Widgets

* Selectablemes

* ICS lockscreen support

(requiresroid 4.0 up)

and ...

You activate following extra features purchasing Unlocker.

* banner ads

* Tempo 0.25x 5.00x

* Pitch -2 +2 octaves (-24.00 +24.00 semitones)

* Recall points

* Bass Booster

* Reverb Presets (itesn't work wells)



to auto-stop audio playback whenr phone starts ringing.


to save playlists bookmarks


to get real-time audio waveform visualizer. Look at following link get details:


to preventr sleeping during playback



fads Google Analytics


General Questions/Answers Maple

Q.not open MP3swnloaded TubeMate. Why?

A. appesn't support MP3swnloaded TubeMate (orwnloaders).y real MP3scases.

Q.und skipping during playback

A. Pleasecrease 'Audio Buffer Size' settings.

* Generale about choosingst audio buffer size

bigger audio buffer size, lower chance hear unexpected clicks audio when usinglot processing samebigger audio buffer size also causeshigher latency.

Usingsmaller audio buffer size giveslower latency,n make surer CPU handle, orwise clicks may appearr audiocause CPU't processquick enough.

What's New

1.9.7 (October 3, 2013)

* added new calculatstyle tempo & pitchput dialogs

* fixedsuefo dialog

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