Evernote v5.4.1

Evernote v5.4.1

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aplicacionesandroids.blogspot.com: Evernoteeasy-to-use, free app that helps remember everything acrossof s use. Stayganized, saver ideas improve productivity.

Evernote lets takees, capture photos, create-do lists, record voice reminders--and makessees completely searchable, wher at home, at work, go.

Key Features:

- Works Evernote Business: Capture, browse, search, sh Businesses Businessebooksr smartphone tablet.

- Syncofres across computers s use

- Create edit textes,-dos task lists

- Save, sync shs

- Search textside images

-ganizeesebooks tags

- Emailes save tweetsr Evernote account

- Connect Evernote or apps products use

- Shes friends colleagues via Facebook Twitter

★ Premium feature: takeebooksfline accessm anytime

★ Premium feature: allow ors editrebooks

★ Premium feature: addPIN lockr Evernote app

Here me ways use Evernoter personal professional life:

- Research smarter: snap photos whiteboards books

- Take meeting classes, draft agendas researches

- Plantrip: keep track travel plans, plane tickets passports

-ganize save recipes; searchgredients later

- Creategrocery list task list check thingsf go

- View web pages saved Evernoter desktop

- Capture ideasspiration go

- Accessses creater phoner desktop

- Keep track products prices comparison shopping purposes

- Keep financesder: save receipts, bills contracts

- Reduce paper clutter taking snapshots restaurant menus, business s labels

- Use Evernote partr GTD system help stayganized

- get outr Evernote experience,wnloadof computers phones that use.

Evernote available any computer, phone tablet .

Moreformation about permissions at:


Learn: http://www.evernote.com/about/getting_started/

What's New

Introducing Evernote Market

- Browsenew curated collection products designed help livetter work smarter

Support Xperiacial camera

Numerous improvements

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