Slingshot Racing v1.3.3.3 Mod (Unlocked Levels)

Slingshot Racing v1.3.3.3 Mod (Unlocked Levels) 2.2+ Slingshot Racingoriginal racing game developed exclusively uchscreen s.holdbeautiful steampunk environment ice tracks, grappling hooks, snowmen!

Pro Tip: deploy hook try pickingcorner screen just keep pressingre. need presswers slingshot.


★uch Arcade 4.5/5 'Mobile Racing Redefined'

★ 148apps 4.5/5 'Snowbolt Crescent Moon have absolutely nailed game'

★ Gamezebo 4/5 'Silky smoothe-touch racing gameplay.'

★uchGen 4/5 'As multiplayer gamese go I think Slingshot Racing hardat.'

★ App Advice: 'A New Genre Racing Emerges Slingshot Racing'

★ AppSpy 4/5

★ App-Score 9/10 'Slingshot Racingenovative games we've playinglong time'

Use r grappling hook slingshot around corners fast paced arcade style racer. Honer skills learning tutorial tracks, n blast out snowto complex tracks against or racers. Race aroundselection tracks stunning day night settings.

Cer mode features 80 races different objectives settings. Take partsimple straight racep spot podium. pickups race pits against clock collect cogs track quickly possible. time trialsfer chance shave thoseimportant seconds achieve perfect race. Alternatively prover mettle taking fearsome chomper hunts around track.

With 4 way multiplayer race family friendssingle . justfew clicks create miniurnaments way like just mix up quick random selection.


★ Super addictive gameplay

★ Revolutionary controls, easy pickup difficult master

★ Stunning graphics gorgeous 3D effects, shadows, particle systems

★ 4 player simultaneous playe ! Play againstr whole family!

★ Tweet Postr high scores Facebook

What's version:

- Removed unnecessary permission



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