Royal Revolt! v1.6.1 Mod (Unlimited Money/Diamonds)

Royal Revolt! v1.6.1 Mod (Unlimited Money/Diamonds) 2.2 + “Royal Revoltgem givingfull game experience free.”

“Royal Revoltgem App Store givingfull game experience free.” (

Royal Revoltbrand new reverse T-defense gameautiful 3D graphics tuitiveuch controls! Leadrldiers victory against r greedy relatives who have stolenr far’s throne.

★★★ How play ★★★

Use simpleuch controls directr troops

Employ battle magic heal, stun destroy

Upgrader hero, knights spells

Conquer30 castlescome King

★★★ story far ★★★

You young Prince, sentr far learn magic at Bogsmarts, boarding school spoilt untalented aristocratth.

When return after two yearsB.A. Petty Magic,has changedr far’s land:

Your far diedr ugly aunts uncles have carved up Kingdom amongm. throwtantrum,to avail:r relatives suggest go back school leave politics grown-ups.

But manw! sellr jeweled teddyar, collectfew trustyldiers set out KICK GREEDY BUSTARDS outir castles.

Which rightfullyR castles, damn!

★★★ Press quotes ★★★

“Part melee action, part--fly tactics, Royal Revolt!’s gameplay perfect example walking razor’s edgetween new tricks old staples.” (

“Royal Revoltgem givingfull game experience free.” (

“Royal Revolt!must get, really’t go wrong trying out game.” (

What's version:

- small update games runs LG TVs



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