Youdare: The world is your playground

We at MingleMind have madefirst app, which launchesday. We would love get any feedback how app works. Here’s description:

Welcome gamer life.


-e entire planet explore

- 7 billion players spread across multiple lands

-wealth cultural lore tradition

- Stunning terrains unmatched graphics full sensory immersion

- Various characters choose numerous skills master

As move through world havefinite paths choose multiple roles limits -ly decide how liver life. Get know world around exploring at every opportunity.d, choose ds 6 unique characters complete real world. Shr daring moments uploadingpicture videospire ors followr footsteps. also creater own ds challengerself,r friends, even world.

Where go? Who meet? What d? worldr playground, anything have drself start. Playw!




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