uListen (Ad-free) v2.044

uListen (Ad-free) v2.044

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aplicacionesandroids.blogspot.com: uListen finally start “Listening”Tube videosrroid .


uListenunofficialTube player, that lets stream audio outTube videos allowing save precious bandwidth reach faster buffering times.


- SearchTube videos public playlists.

- Stream play tracks background.

- Addunlimited number videosTube playlistsr favorites.

- Quick access status barification.

- Open videos uListenTube's app sh menu.

- Ads!

New Features:

- Create edit unlimited Local playlists.

- Light/Darkmes available.

- High/Low quality streamingggle.

- Backup/Restore saved playlists external storage.

-w sh videos,Tube Local playlistsr friends followers. generate custom URLs that used everybody open shd resource uListen.

- Translationto or languagesw possible. checkyour language supported,you wish contribute, visit following page: http://gglys.com/misc/uListen/translations/a/


- application exhaustively tested every single video foundTube. Errors playback problems might occur.you feel helping, send usemail describingrsue/pointingr faulty video, we tryrt out.

-you feel that applicationfringing anyrrights, please contact us.

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