Game Releases • Clouds & Sheep v1.9.3 Mod (Unlimited Stars)

Clouds & Sheep v1.9.3 Mod (Unlimited Stars) 2.2 up
Overview:y're cute,y're fluffyy love play!


Cute, fluffy longingruch.

* Playout ads start 1000 Happy Stars! *

Cflock adorable littleep. Feedm, playm, hook up pairs createfspringcomestpherdtime!

The game features pntal lock functionality protect against accidental-app purchases children.
The pntal lock accessible game's setting menu.

-novative casual gameplay
-teract adorableep
- Manipulate clouds wear
- More than 40 bonusems,ys gadgets
- 90 dynamic challenges
- Competer friends Facebook
- Colourful settings
- Open-ended gameplay
- Heart-meltingly cute graphics
- Take screenshots shmr friends
- Bringrep back dead
- Letrep playccer
- Pntal lock disable-app purchases

* Supports Immersion haptic technology *

Clouds & Sheepcharming sandbox game featuring, well, cloudsep. Excessively cuteep. laid-back pace, mellow gameplay adorable graphics make Clouds & Sheepideal game casual gamers, well serious gamers who want takebreak wanton slaughter crushing challenges hardcore game titles.

keep woollen fluff balls well-fed, healthy entertained,y'll reward Happy Points make lots little neglectm, bleatinggrates may glower at even have nerve dief! Luckily, spendr Happy Points lots differentems that maker life easier.

A goodpherd csep, especially wheny're cute particular flock.ree problem, though: adorabley may,y’re very'spoisonous mushroom,y'll eat. When sun shining,y'll just standre untily haveheatstroke - when wear turns bad,y'll happily stand rain untily catchcold.

So addition providingir basic needs like food water,'ll also have savemir own stupidity.’swork, though,re also plenty play! walking balls wool love when playteractm that’s fun rewardings own right.

What's version: (Updated : Dec 19, 2013)
Fixed crash when taking screenshots KitKat

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