Advanced Mobile Care 4.0.1

Advanced Mobile C 4.1

Requiresroid: 2.2 up

New Advanced Mobile C v4 providestterterface,new way findr lost phone than 12 powerful features keeprroid s fast, safe virus-free. Update latest Advanced Mobile C v4W!

+Trusted millionsroid users:

★“Highly Geek Recommended!”

+Recommendedtoproid authorities:

★“Quickly scansrroid system any potentially harmfulsues, repairsmlyfew taps.” CNET.

★“A must-have app every smart phone user who’s looking tackle basic maintenance/her phone.” AppStorm.


●e-Touch Scan

Juste tap, release memory cleaning tasks, cache, junks, bigs, residuals privacy records basedr needs.

● Antivirus

It scans appsr SD protectr privacy away viruses, malw suspicious apps attacks.


● Task Killer

It quickly shutsf unnecessary apps that running background free up RAM speed uprroid euch.

● Battery Saver

It worksbatteryctwho tells about batteryformation, how much battery power remains, customizer own buttery-saving mode.

● Game Speeder

It’sgame boosterroid s that releases memory make games run smoothlyout lag game-play disturbance.

● App Manager

You batch delete obsolete APKs, uninstall apps move apps SD e shot free up spacer phone.


● Anti-Surveillance

Anti-Surveillance stops spyw snooping. Spyw which always good at disguisingself r realize. Keepr privacy really privatew Anti-Surveillance.

● Call/SMS Blocker

re 3 block modes choose,n disturbed unwanted calls SMS.

● Privacy Advisor

Nowadays,’ve stored privacyfor smart phone than realize,r facebook account, web browser data, Google searchtory,. tell anyr apps that silently recordr personal data give real-time advice.

● Privacy Locker

Gotme private photos, videos ors thatn’t want ors view? lockmpassword.your hiddens kept safely unless unlockm.



Turn Anti-ft function signing upaccount,n track alarm lost phone, even wipe data lost phone remotely loggingr accountsite:

● Cloud Backup

It allows back up contacts call logsr Advanced Mobile C restoremr previous newe when necessary loggingr accountsite:

Unlikeso-called free antivirus/security apps charging fees when useme-app premium features, Advanced Mobile C have confidence providing features matchingir premium paid featuresfTOTALLY FREE. we promisere’ssingle ad, thus making even cleaner than similar antivirus apps.

Multiple s Supported

v4.0 update:

1. Added ქართული / Polski / Türkçe/ Português(Brasil) / 中文(繁體) / العربية / کوردی / Deutsch language support

2. Bug fixed

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