Star Wars®: Knights of the Old Republic™ v1.1.0 Cracked by drAdeLante [Universal]

Star Wars®: Knights Old Republic™

Star Wars®: Knights Old Republic™w Universal! iPhone 4S, iPoduch 5, iPad 2 abovew playe greatest role-playing gamestime.

Check out what press had say sincerelease KOTon iPad last year:

“…thisgame needr iPad yesterday.” —uchArcade, 5/5 stars

“It's true classic,lyest games ever carry Star Wars brandonest RPGstime.” — Eurogamer, 9/10

“KOTlandmark accomplishment iPad iOS platform; I hesitate awardhighest honasquintessential Must-Have experience.” — Slide Play, 4/4

Sincen,#1 requesten bring iPhoneuniversal app. here!

Chooser Path!

It four thousand yearsfore Galactic Empire hundreds Jedi Knights have fallen battle against ruthless Sith. last hope Jedider. master awesome power cer quest save Republic? fall lure dark side? Hero villain, saviconqueror... alone determine destiny entire galaxy!

Game Features:

•epic Star Wars™ role-playing experience unique characters, creatures, vehicles planets.

• Learn usece over 40 different powers, plus buildr own lightsaber.

• Adventure through iconic Star Wars locations,cluding Tatooine Wookiee homeworld Kashyyyk.

• Chooser party nine customizable characters,cluding Twi'leks, droids Wookiees.

• Travel eight enormous worldsr own starship, Ebon Hawk.

•streamlined userterface custom-made iOSuch screen helps immerse action.

*Note: game compatible iPad 2 up, iPad mini, iPoduch 5 up iPhone 4S up. GAME RUN EARLIER S!

Note:WiFi connection requiredwnload. Please ensure have approximately 2.5 GB storage space.

Note: Star Wars®: Knights Old Republic™ iOS Englishly.

What's New Version 1.1.0 continued thankfans, we’ve updated KOTwithmuch-demanded list exciting improvements upgradescluding:

•Universal support!

•Improved lighting graphics

•Widescreen support iPhone iPoduch

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