Star Chart Infinite 3.0.019

premium versionst sellingtronomy Star Gazing App.cludes upgrades Star Chart! ***

Youw havevirtual planetariumr pocket! Look through eyesrroid seevirtual windowto whole visible universe.

All have pointrroid * at sky Star Chartfinite tell exactly what looking at.

Using state art GPS technology,accurate 3D universe,of latest high tech functionality, Star Chartfinite calculates – real time - current location every star planet visible Earth shows precisely wherey ; even broad daylight!

Want know what that bright star called? Pointr at – might just find out’splanet!

Want know what night sky looks like people or side earth? Well just pointr wn!

Want know wherer star sign sky? Star Chartfinite tellthis.

Star Chartfinitecludes:

- Just point view. need scroll around screen find out what looking at. *

- Displays planetslar system, plus sun moon.

-88 constellations, constellation imagery basedautiful artwork 17th centurytronomer Johannes Hevelius.

- Accurately depicts visible starsrrnurn hemispheres -total over 125,000 stars!

-cludes Charles Messier's entire catalogue 110 exotic deep sky objects.

-cludes time location majmeteshowers

-cludes position majsatellites Earthcluding Hubble &S

-cludesset extendedlar system objects made up moons, dwarf planets largeteroids.

- Tap anything sky get facts what looking at,cluding distance brightness.

- Very powerful zoom function, lets view sky extra detail, usingtuitive finger gestures.

- Fully configurable. Star Chartfinite displaysly sky objects that terested.

- Manually setr location find out what sky looks like anywhere world.

So pointrroid at sky see what's outre!


Escapist Games update Star Chartfinite regularly, please send usr feedback features requests - thanks!

*Augmented Reality modely availableyour supports, feature requiresbuilt-in compass accelerometer. Manual scrolling supportedor s.

Star Chartfinitees requireternet accessrmal usage.ternet accessly requireditially verify license subsequently when accessing support page external links.

What's New

New v3.0.019:

- Licensingsues resolved:

Re-install Star Chartfiniteproblems persist.

Email usyou still experiencesues.


New v3.0.018:

- Comet Lovejoy added

- Newification system lets know whenterestingtronomical events happening

- Improvedbital dataSON

- Improved deep-links - link directly objects Star Chart URLs.


--- Re-install appyou experiencecrash launch ---



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