Phases of the Moon [2.9.1]

Phases Moon [2.9.1]

Phases Moon


Cate: Wear

Price: £1.49

Size: 63.3 MB


Learn current phase Moone detailed scientifically accurate visualizations ever made Moon.

This app shows current phase Moon, usingsimulation lunar surface created NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance mission durings observations Moon.

☽autiful images Moon were made NASA data collected spacecraft.

☽ See current date, phase name, illumination percentage, distance Earth Moon age.

☽ Swipe left right moveward backwards time see what Moon look like future past.

☽ Need find next full Moon? clickbutton take next full Moon.

☽ also accesscalendar that shows phase Moon any date future.

☽ Press play watch Moon rotate throughs phases,ons own.

☽ Pinch zoom Moon out reveal details lunar surface,n pan around two fingers

☽ See zodiac signs find Moon quickly night sky

☽ Turnfull lunar atlas,zens labeled locations,cluding landing sites, craters lunar maria.

Developed Universeday. Please email meyou have any questionsre any problemsr specific versionroid.

Moon images created NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center Scientific Visualization Studio

have foundbug, maybe have feature suggestion, please drop usemail





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