Jelly Bean Extreme CM11 AOKP v4.0

Jellyan Extreme CM11 AOKP v4.0 2.3 + Jellyan Extreme CM10 AOKP!


When applyingmeme chooser might getmessage saying "Thisme missingsetsr s screen"

✮✮Press Apply Anyways✮✮

Also When applyingmeme chooser might geterrsaying "Thisme improperly compilednot applied"

✮✮To FIX just apply Systemme, Reboot, applyme again✮✮

If thatesn't work try going system settings, apps, ALL, find "me Chooser" clear data/cache.


Custom,iginal Design Work

Custom Wallpaper

4500 Custom Images!!

I LOVE Jellyan / Ice Cream Sandwich look,re wereme things i didn't likeme things I thought I could improve. That whatmeabout. Taking JB & ICS anor level!

I havedifferent colorsme

--Findm here >

Get complete changelog leave comments my blog!


ROOT neededcustom ROM that supportsme Engine

★Thisme work following ROM's★

- CM 9, 10, 10.1


- Paranoidroid


- Slim

- Eclipse

- Bakedan


★★Thisme designed mdpi, hdpi, xhdpi s★★


More packages

More icons

More refinement


All my work created me, bignadad

I spendlot time getting things just right. Expectupdates new creations BigDX

I havedifferent ADW/GoEX/Nova/Apexmes Google Play. Checkm out searching BigDX

Please takemoment rate comment mymes.

It makesbig difference kind comments greatly appreciated.

What users saying about BigDXmes?

To get wallpapersme plusmore get my wallpaper app



-Go Settings ->mes

-Select JB Extreme press apply

★★You may geterror: 'Sorry,me missingsetsr 's screen size'★★

-Ignore that press APPLY ANYWAYS

- coming anorme, need reboot


Nav Icons (AOKPLY)

--se applied "Navigation Bar" section under Rom Control

--View Picture here ->

Nova Platform

-Fsome reason platform builttomef centers icons

Boot Animation

Original AOKP Boot Anim.Blue


Mostpopup menus (Light Dark)

Switches angled JB s (like ICS)

Power control genie widget have semi trans background

Nova Folder backgrounds (platform, circle)

All navigation buttons

Addedme blue accents pullwn menu borders

Batteryout percentages

Cell/Wifi Signals

Animatedification icons Gmail & Gtalk

Notification background pullwn

All AOKP/CMggle icons

SMS/MMSification icons

MDPI support tablet UI

Support sw600dp sw720dp (mdpi/hdpi/xhdpi)

Stock/Swype keyboard

Analog clock

Complete lockscreen handle icons (aokply)

On/off buttons under aokpggles pullwn

Googlewification icons (traffic, sports,)

Google search widget

Skinned & Blacked out MMS/Email & Widgets

Skinned Google Ears & Music Widgets

AOKP Nav Rings

60 app icons

Full supportroid 4.2

Apex,va, ADW, Stock Launchers

MMS, DeskClock, Email, Talk, Chrome, Calculator, Contacts, Phone, Settings!

What's version : (Updated : Dec 10, 2013)

Revamped app iconsmething custom fitme

Added support CM11 (Android 4.4 Kit Kat)

Updatedof graphics xxhdpi s like Nexus 5

Addnew CM packages

Added full Action Launcher support

Many fixesapps

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