Game Releases • FINAL FANTASY IV: AFTER YEARS v1.0.3 Mod (Unlimited Gil)

FINAL FANTASY IV: AFTER YEARS v1.0.3 Mod (Unlimited Gil) Android O/S : 2.3+
Overview: FINAL FANTASY IV: THE AFTER YEARS available Android s!

Withfull 3-D remake, FINAL FANTASY IV: THE AFTER YEARS now played neverfore. Take part epic sequel that unfolds nearly two decades after events FINAL FANTASY IV. Classic characters makeir return alongside several new heroes, Ceodore,n Cecil Rosa.

- Ten Playable Tales
Beginr journey ""Ceodore's Tale."" Complete unlock tales six additional characters, which played anyder,n return core story ""Kain's Tale,"" ""The Lunarian's Tale,"" ""The Crystals."" Atal ten tales all,contained FINAL FANTASY IV: THE AFTER YEARS.

- Active Time Battle
Take control exhilarating combat made possible non-stop action Squ Enix's iconic battle system.

- Lunar Phases
Feel moon's presence combat,s waxing waningfluences potency attacks abilitiescombatants. Lunar phases cycle naturally passage-game time, when resting atinn, tent, cottage.

- Band Abilities
Combine strengthr party members awesome effect Band abilities that unlocked through-game events levelingr characters' Affinity.

- Minimap
Keepeyer current location nearby surroundings, tap quick access world map.

- Google Play Game Support
Step up meet all-new challengesferedzens achievements.

Seventeen years have passed since war's end,n born King Cecil Queen Rosa Baron growntoyoung man. Prince Ceodore enlisted airship fleet known Red Wings, eager meet expectations demanded blood station. Yetce anor moon apped sky, vast hordes monsterstent destruction. brief peace enjoyed Blue Planet now stands threatened under shadow impending catastrophe.

What's version : (Updated: Dec 4, 2013)
Various minbug

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No Modded Google Play Needed
In game menu select "Continue" New game!
Unlimited Gil


thanks Matrix Neo

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