Enhanced Email v1.34.5

Enhanced Email v1.34.5

Enhanced Emailfully featuredlightweight fast E-Mail clientfering support multiple Exchange/POP/IMAP accountsine single app.tegratesr existing native Contacts & Calendar apps rar than tacking bloatw.

Enhanced Email HALF price competition!'ll quickly see e-mail application that replaceorsr phone. Enhanced Email quicklycoming app blackberry users movingroid corporate users wantingfaster emaillution. convinced? Read reviews!

Key Features :

Full E-Mail searchcluding message text!

No pin-lock requirement (Exchange)

Request read receipt handset (Exchange)

Change type sent mail server:roid, iphone, pocket pc, windows mobile (Exchange)

Pinch zoom when viewingmessage

Disable syncing deletes phone server (Exchange)

Growing support3rd party apps thatfersamazingtegration apps/widgets already love use!

Combinedbox view aggregates mailmailboxestosingle location!


Full HTMLbound/outbound

PUSH Mail/Contacts/Calendar --> Exchangely <--

Ability sync "ALL" E-mail option (Exchange)

Unread E-Mail widget

Allow client certificate selection (Exchange)

Save any attachment sd

Use volume controlscrease/decrease font size when viewingmessage

"Select All" messages menu option mailbox menu

Ability hide/unhide folders view (Exchange)

Abilityggle syncdividual folders/sub-folders (Exchange)

Lots customizable account options

Customizable account colors each account

Add ability move single multiple messages (Exchange/IMAP)

Shortcut keys make life easier people switching BB

Ability select/copy text!

"Empty Trash" option makes emptyingr trash folder 100 times easier/faster

Support :

Exchange 2003/2007/2010 SP1 (Activesyncly, Exchange WebServices)

Zimbra Collaboration Server

Novell Groupwise Server (Activesync must running)

IceWarp Server

Just about every POP/IMAP server think

Note :

have ANY problem whatsoever please CONTACT me I work fixsue. hesitate contact me. Use my supportum. Leavepost. comment that reach me due contact method. I'm telling use supportum. I't respond thousands emailsday.'s impossible, hence why I havesupportum.

What's version:

READ_CALL_LOG & WRITE_CALL_LOG ing automatically addedroidcause my targetSdkVersionn't set 16+cause I use READ/WRITE CONTACTS permission. read about here (http://developer.android.com/referen...WRITE_CALL_LOG). In't use call log atin any way shapem.'singced me.

Various bug fixes merged AOSP

Download :

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