Cut the Rope 2 v.1.0

Cut Rope 2 v.1.0

SWEET! Cut Rope 2 arrived! new characters, fresh gameplay elements, tricky missions,, course, Omm,dy collecting neveren fun!

In unexpected adventure, Omm breaks out box travels through lushests, busy cities, junkyards underground tunnels,in pursuite goal –DY! Along way, he encountersmmies, cutestdy collecting helpers little green monster could wish!

ALL NEW LOCATIONS EXPLORE! Experience 120 entirely new levelsdy collecting, rope cutting action.

ALL NEW CHARACTERS MEET! Find 5 new characters,mmies, helpr unexpected journey.

ALL NEW HATS BRAG ABOUT! Customize Omm, chooser favoritedy selectr finger traces.

ALL NEW ADVENTURES OMM! Experience completely new graphics,und gameplay elements,cluding ability move Omm.

Familiar play, yet challenging master, Cut Rope 2 brings fresh challenges unanticipated obstaclesdy crunching, physics-based phenomenon that delighted millions players around world!you like Cut Rope,’ll love Cut Rope 2!


• Roto carry Ommstdy catching locations

• Lick make small bridgesngue help Omm reach goal

• Blue lift Omm new levelsdy hunting fun

•ss throw objects,cludingdy

• Boo sc Omm jump new heights

Don’t te any time - exciting surprises await! Help Omm find way home...outest, throughpondjunkyard,to city yond!

Requires iOS 4.3

Works iPhone, iPad, iPoduch.

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