Christmas HD v1.5.4

Christmas HD v1.5.4 2.2+ creatorsr favorite Live Wallpapers delighted bring anor 3D Live wallpaper especially Christmas. Celebrate Holidays every time user , true 3-D!

Gar familygercozy den, frontwarm crackling fireplace.r own picture mantel surrounded twinkling Christmas lights, stockingsr names grace fireplace. EnjoyChristmas tree customizable lights, gifts, treepper. Eagerly await Santa's visitcalendar that countswn days until Christmas, leave cookiesnote Santa Claus. Gaze out frost-covered window atpicturesque Winter scenesnow gently falls.
Customize every part scene,cludingr own photograph fireplace,r text stockings message Santa. Choose colof lights, customizenaments, gifts ribbons, snowflakes, garland, treepper,! also show hideems scene celebrate wonders Christmasway that means.
This wallpaper true 3-D hand-crafted artwork.wallpapers feature silky-smooth animationsconservingr battery life.
Works great phones, tablets, any that supports live wallpapers.
What's New
* Clock mantlew shows actual time!
* Stability, performance, memory improvements
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