Alarmy(Sleep if U can) [2.0]

Alarmy(SleepU) [2.0]



Cate: Lifestyle

Price: $1.99

Size: 8.2 MB


■ "World's Annoying Alarm App, featured Cnet, Gizmodo,Huffington post."

■ #1 category 33 countries,cluding Germany, France,uth Korea.

■ turnf, have go pictured place takephoto.

■ "SleepU"ces outd

■ How turnf alarm?

- Registerplace where want turnf alarm.

- When alarm starts ringing, have go registered place takepicture.

e.g.)bathroom registered place, wake up takepicture bathroom.

■ Tip

- good place register : bathroom sink, frontor,lf, desk, specific object, fard

- bad place register : brightness changes frequently, closerd, cealing, floor

- currently registered alarm pictureo easyo difficult turnf, please registernew place :)

■ PS

find any bugs, please contact us.





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