AGE MEDIEVAL EMPIRES HD v2 2.3+ ★★AMAZING GRAPHICS &DIE GAME developed Google Play Store!★★

★★ like strategy games, definitely must play game! - game developer team.★★

It`s releasedrroidst TD game ever! Finallytower defense game basedcs, elf heroes, graphics good, that think that`re playing gamer computer!

We basedgame RPG Strategy games,rwer evolving during game play, also, game developedIndie Game Studio!, fun principal matter us! course, strategy during gameplay.


- "This lands werecebeautiful place, full life happiness,one man changed everything.. " armies Elensar", likey like call, trained armycsasts, furious about destroying every living thingir path!

Fyearsy haveen living near volcano,nowy coming us!"

Help us defendhomes! turrets elfs, archers, wizards heroes!st strategy alliedgood setwers help us survive! We needw!


+ 9 Enemy units,

- Light Heightc (fast easy kill)

- Goblins (fast very easy kill)

- Armoredc (difficult kill,cause iron armor)

- Goblins class 2 (fast, armored shield pikes)

- WarriOrc, (slow, hard killcause armor)

- Troll (shield heavily equiped)

- 3cs Horde Elensar (red blooded furious!)

+ 10 TD maps

+ 3 Different World,

- Maglog (Full life green, Rivers Trees)

- Calaglin (Desert, Stormsyons)

- Elensar (Volcanos, Fire Lava)

+ 6wers, archers, elfs wizards

+ highly advanced graphics

+lot strategy game features.


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