ZOOKEEPER BATTLE v2.0.1 (Unlimited CP)

ZOOKEEPER BATTLE v2.0.1 (Unlimited CP)

aplicacionesandroids.blogspot.com: 2.3.3+

aplicacionesandroids.blogspot.com: Battleline against players around world!

ZOOKEEPER”, popular action puzzle game played over 10 million people,wBattle Puzzle, availableroid!!! 

“ZOOKEEPER” powered upcome even fun, rankings, avatars,em collection, or new elements added “ZOOKEEPER BATTLE”!

game simple! Those who know ZOOKEEPER - even those whon’t - enjoy game start!

To celebrate releaseroid version, usersviteir friends receive 1 free “Power Bottle”-appem each (max. 10vitations). Also, those users whovite full 10 people awardedspecial character customizationem.

game alsofer chance take limited-time-only r characters Raid Battle Events, even content planned future implementation.

Replace animals that side side,
and line up than three animals vertically horizontally catchm! 
 animals caught used ATTACK DEFENSE.

Battle catching animals going head head ATTACK DEFENSE 30-second rounds.

Whenr opponent’s LIFE completely gone, win!

In eventdraw, battle oute round!!

*When victoryn’ten decided after 5 rounds,e remaining LIFE wins.

What's version:


- Minbug fixes


New Feature "My Zoo"en added!

Putr charactersems display make greatest zoo world!

Winr battles get visitors!

And makem happy,combine power upr avatars!

Or additions changes:

- grand opening My Zoo,tal time naturally restoring CPen changed

- Zoo Gacha Zoo Gacha Medals haveen added

- Or general features haveen added









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