Vulkano Player for Flow and Blast [1.41.599]

Vulkano Player Flow Blast [1.41.599]

Vulkano Player Flow Blast



Ver.: 1.41.599

Released: 2013-10-16

Shd: 2013-11-22


Size: 21.6 MB

Compatibility: Requires iOS 4.3 later. Compatible iPhone, iPad, iPoduch. app optimized iPhone 5.


Vulkano Player Flow, Lava Blast

(Note: Please sure select correct version Vulkano Player. Vulkano Flow, Vulkano Lava Vulkano Blast models, use Vulkano Player Flow Blast.)

You watch controlr home TV TiVor iPhone iPad. even schedule recordings made at homen transfermr iPhone iPad enjoy later. anywhere around house around world. (Recordingly supported select Vulkano models.)

-screen remote control Program Guide let enjoyof channels, features services already have at home. Watch control everythingyou were at homefa. (Program Guide availableregions.)

Change channels, schedule watch recordings, user existing VOD features,fromr iPhone iPad.

Works free paid TV services,cluding DirecTV, Comcast, AT&T, Time Warner, Dish Network or services worldwide.

To use Vulkano Player, needVulkano Monsoon Multimedia (available at Vulkano gives lots or features,o, likeTuber big screen TV,DVR,. also needTV servicer homebroadband connection at both ends.

Please check case haveproblem running application.

What's New

Client recording fix iOS7



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