TouchDown HD v8.3.00058

TouchDown HD v8.3.00058 3.0 up versionuchDown Honeycomb/ICS/JellyBean Tablets Smartphones.


- Revamped UI, layouts list views

- Custom Panning screens home screen

TouchDown HD getsr Email, Contacts, Calendar Tasksr corporate Exchange server, givessingle tabbed view.

Nowrroid tablet comes closer Outlook when comes user experience.

When comes corporate data accessr , get what pay .fair comparison, compwnload counts along stars.

NitroDesk,c.en building improvinguchDown since October 2008. We have improved product through hundreds ternal versions, bringstwnloaded Email lutionroid.

Comprehensive : Support number data types (Email, Calendar, Contacts, Tasks)es SMS syncing Exchange 2010 servers.

Customizable :zens options make apphave just way want. Customifications, speech ifications, viewing tweaks, pinch-to-zoom, peak timesmore.

SD support : Mover data SD necessary

Widgets : Email, Tasks, Calendar, Universal Widgets make easy see r status atglance. Support third party widgets give wide range choice

Most Secure:uchDown supports exchange activesync policies PIN, Remote Wipe, Data encryption Storage encryption corporate data. Hundredsganizations trustuchDown ensure security, privacy confidentialityir data. Discerningganizations mandage useuchDown ensure high usability along security.

Corporate Data Separation: uchDown keepsr corporate data separater personal data. outuchDown,r employer actually flattenr phone factory defaults.uchDown,yly remove corporate data longingm, leavinghindr personalformation.

S/MIME: uchDownlyroidlution far that supports sending receiving S/MIME signed encrypted emails. S/MIME signing encryption ensures thatr emails tampered, ensure that emails send ensured visiblely tended recipient.

Manageable :uchDowntegrates popular Mobile Managementlutions marketday, creasing chances thatr phone play wellr ganization's security policies.

What's New



Fix unreliable mark/read or updates server

Slide left list views change folders

Support attachments Skydrive

Signing/Encryption fix

- New Look screens

- Custom Panning screens mainuchdown screen (customizable last screen)

- layouts list views

- New popout folder viewsscreens

- fixes several bugs

- Supportsny SmartWatch 2



Downloadstructions: No Serial/key needed

TouchDown%20HD_8.3.00058.rar (5,60 MB) -


TouchDown%20…rar (5,60 MB) -

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