Robot Escape In 2052 [1.0.0]

Robot Escapebrand new point click adventure escape game based year 2052.

A long time ago cityhabited humans.whabited us. Everything around us created human civilization. We just users. Why where did people go? What were we created? Wen't know.

Humanity long gonely robots remainconstant search fuel! BNKR tells tailyoung robot justing part help ors survive. Point clickr way through warrn cities secret hide outs that time long sincegotten. How long survive post apocalypticteland? Good luck!

Inworldce populated humans,ly droids roam earthw, struggling find fuely need survive.e day,previously impenetrableopenss own. Discover whathind mysterious hatch BNKRgorgeous point click adventure game. Click moveteractr surroundingsventory.changing curswill let know whenre'sinteresting hotspotvestigate.

BNKR haveen tasked searching bunker fuel anything else that might useful survival. Examine each scene cfully clues helpfulems.pleasant task artworkautiful really givessense desolate state worldse robot live. gameplay pretty standardpoint-and-click game,it's mystery sense exploration that keep engaged. may think post-apoctalyptic thingenne death,deed world BNKR reminisent Primordia, where energy at premium.BNKRes well, story takestwist at end which leaves hanging wanting know.stallment wonderful, hopefully we won't have wait long story continue.


Unique brain teasers

Challenging logic puzzles

Easy start – impossible putwn

Auto-save function

Amazing graphics

Outside box thinking

Balanced difficulty

How play

Find combineems

Solve mini-puzzles



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