RAM Control eXtreme Pro v1.12

RAM Control eXtreme Pro v1.12

aplicacionesandroids.blogspot.com:roid 2.0+

aplicacionesandroids.blogspot.com: RAM Control eXtreme: Controlr RAM, Boost! Safe killr tasks.

Full controlr RAM usage. Root required. Comes packed task killer that kills tasksout crashing killed apps.troducing safe task killing mechanismroid. Lets killm brutally!!.

Fboth Rootedn-Rooted s.

★★ Features ★★

RAM Booster: Boostr RAM safe killing tasks cleaning cache.

☆ 1 Click RAM Booster.

☆ Save Battery killing malfunctioning Tasks\Services.

☆ Booster Levels:rmal, Strong, eXtreme, Super eXtreme.

☆ Auto RAM Booster (Boost Ram automatically per hr, 3hrs, 6 hrs, 12 hrs per day).

☆ Cleans Cacheo.

☆ crashes killed App.

☆ify after Auto RAM Boost.

☆ Super safe kill.

Task Killer:rroid run smooth faster, Safe Kill Tasksw.

☆ Boostr RAM safe killing tasks.

☆ Kill any tasks that consumes RAM.

☆ Safe kill Services Process any Appsout making those App crash.

☆ Kill taskstogerdividually.

☆ White-list Add/Remove. (Apps white-list won't killed).

☆ Save battery killing apps that drains lot battery.

☆ Uninstall Apps that seems suspicious.

☆ See details tasksfore killing.

☆ Save Battery killing malfunctioning Tasks\Services.

★ Ads.

Killinglauncher may reloadr Home Screen,issuecan maker comparatively responsive.

Some tasks may restartroid 2.2 above,cause roid systemesn't allow killingme servicese-front tasks. commontask killersroid.




What's New:


★ Bug Fixes.


★ Minchanges.


★ Move SD.

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