Alien Zone v1.0.2 (Full/Unlimited Gold/Money)

Alien Zone v1.0.2 (Full/Unlimited Gold/Money) 2.3+ [Gametro]

Space station undervasion, city verge plague, even whole world, movingwards devastation.

You Savior!

[Exquisite 3D Graphics]

Real-time light, shadow, lambency depth effect...

Enable experience3D next-gen console game mobile platforms.

16 completely different stages, i.e. 16 distinctive scenes

Ensuresbreath fresh air every minute game

Romantic park, perilous factory, trap-filled power station,sieged lab…

ready setf?

[Extremely Exciting Battles]

fed up fighting againstlye several monsters attime?

Here'sr chance sweep awayenemy swarm

A wide variety traps that maker every move full suspense

You have break through waves monsterscome true Savior!

[Perfect Combination ARPG Shooter Games]

IsARPG?,shooter game

Isshooter game?APRG character levels, equipment, perks treasure hunt systems.

[Unique Game Systems]

* Character Level:

Characters level up means defeating monsters completing quests.

* Perks System:

Characters endowed multiple perks enjoy different gameplays.

* Random Equipment System:

gamefers millions equipment like Diablo, way chooser own game mode accordingr preference.

Toiron warribloodthirsty killer, bothm? call shotsr battlefield!

* Random Monsters:

Different monsters randomly show up different places, spices upr gameplay

* Package System:

You get various help fantastic packages atspecific level, times stages.


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