Nexus 5 Multi Launcher Theme v1.1

Nexus 5 Multi Launcherme v1.1 2.3.3 up HDme Next Launcher 3D, Smart Launcher,va Launcher, Action Launcher, ADW Launcher, Holo Launcher, Apex Launcher,LO Launcher, TSFll и Go Launcher!

Attention! Please make sure that have purchasedstalled latest version Next Launcher 3D,va Launcher Smart Launcher!

likedme, please,signrating! Thank very muching us!


• 10 high resolution wallpaperme (1920x1080)

• 225 special icons

• replace everything application icons (nowredifferentme icons)

• How applyme:

Next Launcher:

- Menu->mes->Installed-> "Nexus 5"

Smart Launcher:

- Preferences Smart Launcher->me-> "Nexus 5"

-n:me-> Settings->me drawer-> "Nexus 5"

Nova Launcher:

- Menu-> Settingsva-> Look Feel-> Iconme-> "Nexus 5"

Action Launcher:

- Settings-> Display-> Icon pack-> "Nexus 5"

ADW Launcher:

- Settings->mes-> "Nexus 5"

Holo Launcher:

- Settings-> Appearance Settings-> Icon pack-> "Nexus 5"

Apex Launcher:

- Apex Settings->me Settings-> "Nexus 5"

SOLO Launcher:

- Appearance->lomes-> "Nexus 5"


-ck-> Settings->me(me mix)-> Icons-> "Nexus 5"

Go Launcher:

- GOmes-> Settings-> Icons->me icon-> "Nexus 5"

- Preferences-> Visual settings-> Icons->me icon-> "Nexus 5"




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