Incredipede v1.71

Incredipede v1.71 3.0+ game that celebrates vast diversity life world.

"'ve ever felt that Dr Frankenstein’s cer pathncredipede have laughing maniacally joy hours end" -die Game Magazine

"A physics based gamene right" -tal Biscuit


Incredipedepuzzle game that celebrates vast diversity life world. Follow Quozzle,lonecredipede unique ability grow new arms legs wherever needsm. Transformtosnake,spider,horse,monkey - anything imagine.

Control Quozzle learns swing through trees, climber cliffs, dance over rivers lava, evenar through airrmal winds.


- Make controlstaggering array creatures

- 120 levels threeautifully crafted worlds

- Sendr creaturesr friends try control

- Use Level Editto creater own puzzles

- Immersive ambientundscape

What's New:

have trouble crashing, try disabling Menu Transitions config menu. please report bugs us through config menu we fix things next update!

Version 1.71 - fixed bug when loading user levels

Version 1.70 - fixed bug that prevented levels loading when music muted

Version 1.69 - obey mute button, nicer buttons, remove pc references, potential startup crash fix

Version 1.68 - disable Menu Transitions default


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