Weather Live Wallpaper v2.4

Wear Live Wallpaper v2.4 2.2 up 3D Wear Live Wallpaper have awesome wear animations, show temperature wearecast up 7 days, change automatically background color, show sun moon change particles direction sunset sunrise events. Alsoteractive, tap clock/countdowns start great particle light explosions change tween clock countdowns slice rotate 3D view.

This applywear live wallpaper,great app that personalizer background great animations usefulformation that change every day!

Principal features:

★Wearecasting up 7 days

★Wear Current conditions

★Two Wearecasting providers

★Moon Phases

★Solar Storm animation

★Wearteractiveecasting change (touch sun/moon switch)

★Temperature (Fahrenheit Celsius)

★Sunset Sunrise detection, configure scene change (colors,tensity, fly direction).

★Scroll mode continuous

★Setfixed camera angle

★Interactive switchtween countdowns&clockuch

★Rotate view scrolling

★Set position scale display time

★Addscountdowns want.

★Customize colflights background.

★Control display frequency countdowns.

★Set long date.

★Control lights fly direction.

Now Daydream supportroid 4.2 (JELLYAN)! Set Wear Live Wallpaper Daydream Screensaver!

Wear conditions:

Sunny, Cloudy, Fog, Rain, Hail, Snow, Snowfall, Thunderstorm, Chance, Scattered.

Use countdowns setr favourite dates:

-Christmas, Halloween, Summer, Spring, Winter, Birthdays,dates want!

... get wearecastr Village !

Live particlesming clock timer favorite countdowns 3D, original way. Wearecasting up 4 days, current conditions. see current temperature minimum maximum valuesecasting days.

With Live Wallpaper see current Moon Phase follow sunrise sunset.

Touch gin explosionstween countdowns changetween wear ecasting, switch home screens rotate view, setfixed view scene, control lights direction...

With last update "True color" option checked default. option, s True colscreens (like Samsung Galaxy S2, Samsung Galaxy S3 Nexus 7), display Live Wallpapercredible reality. Try comment!

Note that srmal screen option may slow Live Wallpaper, unset optioncrease perfomance follow structions take effect (restarting Live Wallpaper manually).

With Live Wallpaper nevergetimportant date, countdowns back periodically. Customize colors, frequency, time mat. Full version Summer countdown set default, change anor date that want set or countdowns o.

Itteractive,uch countdown clock switchtweenofm change wearecasting day.


Home/Menu/Wallpaper/Live Wallpaper-> select Clock & Countdowns LW

Bywnloading app, agree EULA at


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What's New


-Improved wear data acquisition,w faster save battery

-Newstructions screen,w clear implements important actions

-Added new languages Settingsstructions

-Updated wear data api thatlved last loading problems

-Set Locationw clear

-Some minimprovements






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