AnTuTu Benchmark v4.0.3

AnTuTunchmark v4.0.3 2.3 up AnTuTunchmarkroidnchmarkingol.

We have knownre me errors/ bugs latest versions, 2D/ 3D crash, test aborts/ hungs,ce close,.

Why scores different different tests? Mobiles tablets have entered quad-core age. whole systemcomes complex. Scores difference may caused varies factors.

Why displayed "unaunticated"? When we need confirm performancee , we need corresponding test. displayed "unaunticated"we have . Please contactr 's manufacturer modifyto "aunticated."

Howes rankings AnTuTunchmark made? We select representative scores s, usually medium scores,n compd ors. s rankings selected according popularity corresponding country/ region, different classes needed well.causere quantitative restriction rankings, we unable make s listed.

Wher AnTuTunchmark just? AnTuTueslong any manufacturer chip supplier. We haveown pursueroid performance. We would modifyapp make manufacturers gettter scores AnTuTunchmark.sides, we had expose several cheating AnTuTunchmark.

What usefulnchmark? AnTuTulieves that poperformancereal bad , though good performance s may have or problems well. possiblelved futurere apps'sues. However,re chancelveit related poperformance.

Is AnTuTunchmark accurate? hard answer questions regards judged usersmselves. method quite simple:a new 'snchmark exceed than 50% than equal class s released at same time,n result questionable.

AnTuTunchmark runfull testkey project, through "Memory Performance","CPUteger Performance","CPU Floating point Performance","2D 3D Graphics Performance","SD reading/writing speed","Database IO" performance testing mobile phone Performance hardw make score.

In reaching overalldividual scores hardw, judge scores performance hardw. Uploading scores viewr world rankings, allowing points let know level hardw performance equipment.

NOTE: Phone calls permissions we requestly get phone model hardwfo,n we identifyr gave ranking. We never getr SIM ID PHONE NUMBER.

What's version:


1. Added pause featurewnloading process OpenGLnchmark contents;

2. Fixed abnormal FPSsue PowerVR 3Dnchmarking GPU;

3. Fixed identificationsue CPU Google Nexus 7(2013);

4. Improved identification ability new released s, likeny Xperia Z1, Meizu MX3, Xiaomi MI3;

5. Fixedme bugs, like crashme s.

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