Root SoftKey Enabler Pro v1.0

SoftKey Enabler Pro v1.0 4.0 up App help enable-screenftKey (likee present Nexus s) easily.

Please make sure that haveRooted . Navigating viaftKey easier than using hardw buttons specially big screen s (e.g.e 2). compatible stock custom ROMs (like CyanogenMod, AOKP). Pleasee thatme stock launcher may seembit oddy were designed go nicely-screen button layout. fixsue use any or launcher available Play Store.

Imaginesituation where have damagedr hardw keys unable navigaten App might saver day. :

-roid 4.0 +

- Root

- Busybox shouldstalled

Tested Working :

- Galaxy S3

- Galaxye 2

- HTCe X

Apart tested s, should able run any rooted runningroid 4.0+.

have any feature request, suggestions bug reportn please dropmail We trybest resolve anysue add add new feature.

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Downloadstructions: No pro key needed!


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