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ROOT required.out, app launch.

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Todayme apps store bigs overternal SD (e.g. games, podcasts,fline RSS content, pictures, videos,fline navigationftw). Typically users havesmallternal sd size (~16GB) external SDlot bigger (~32-64GB).se apps userswnload Play Store saveir application dataternal sd defaultn't haveoption use external SD store datay starverternal SD memory. FolderMountlutionsue. app ability link foldersrternal sd foldersr external sdreby populatingternal sd folders content that really exists external . helps us free space have multiple games/apps big data stored simultaneouslyout need uninstall. Nexus s external sd, application should help link foldersusb flash drive example.

Features FolderMount:

* Mountternal SD folders external SD folders.

* Move contentternal external whenpair added. (Dialog prompt)

* Supportroid 2.3 - 4.2.2.

* Holomed throughoutintuitive GUI design.

* check SD mount status remountnecessary.


* Addfolder pair.urceternal sd destinationr extSd

* After adding, FMfer moves. Click yes.

* Wait until move operationnen click PIN.PIN turns green,'reset.

*s exist bothurce destination after mounting. expectedrmal.s seerternal sd actually resider external sdwyou "unpin" pair,'ll see thatrternal sd empty again.

re or apps that same functionalitythis bring supportroid 4.2Holomed appintuitiveterface.

What's New


-Updated locales. New Spanish translator: rodrigoauditore. Thank !

-Slight change way "Mounted!" appears explorer

-Fixsues googlemail vs gmail PayPal auntication

-Users choose which email aunticate key when choosing PayPal

-Minbug fixes

Rest changelog: http://goo.gl/RgSvh

Note: expect app go through frequent updates I consider still atnascent stage. Thanksr support patience :-)



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