Game Releases • Dark Nebula HD - Episode Two v1.0

Dark Nebula HD - Episode Two v1.0 2.3+
Overview: critically acclaimed sequel smash hit Dark Nebula HD - Episode 1!

Tiltr vessel blaze through exciting levels where must avoid dangerous traps,dge bullets cheat death every corner! Battle enemies, defeat epic bosseslve mysterious puzzles bounce, slide spinr way finish line!
Putr skills test completing game Gold Star resultslevels prove that true master Dark Nebula!
Over 25 completely new enemies, bosses obstacles.
19 action-packed levels that span across six different environments, lush jungles hostiletelands.
Stunning HD Graphics!
Completely new combat system that enables fight enemies bosses.
Cinematic musical score.
Dark Nebula HD compatible Sphero game controller!

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